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Predám knihu Conversations with heaven

- [13.1. 2017]

Predám knihu Conversations with heaven - 1

Predám knihu Conversations with heaven - 1
Predám knihu Conversations with heaven - 2
Predám knihu Conversations with heaven - 3
Dobrý deň, predám knihu Conversations with heaven - Theresa Cheung, cena 5 eur, osobný odber BA, prípadne plus poštovné. Ďakujem.
Based on her own personal experiences and the experiences of ordinary people, bestselling author Theresa Cheung gathers together a collection of comforting and startling stories about contact with the departed. The theme that runs through this book is that the world of spirit is ever present in our lives, and it is possible to reconnect with those we have loved and lost. Using first-hand accounts from people whose lives have been transformed by communication from those who have passed on, Theresa shows that you can begin your own dialogue with heaven, offering comfort to those grappling with the loss of a loved one. The book concludes with a 'how to' section to help readers find their own way to talk to heaven.



Lokalita:851 06 Bratislava


5 €
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