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Cruel Habitations, Arabesk, Moonlight Mirage,...

- [28.3. 2019]

* JANE SMILEY - THE ALL-TRUE TRAVELS AND ADVENTURES OF LIDIE NEWTON: Lidie and her husband join the pioneering westward migration into America’s heartland. Together with their family and friends, they find themselves caught amidst two great American forces. (480 strán) 2,50 €

* KATE CHARLES - CRUEL HABITATIONS: When Sophie Lilburn leaves London for the sleepy town of Westmead so that her husband Chris can pursue his dream of singing in a cathedral choir, she knows that it will bring changes to her life. But she is not prepared for the claustrophobia of Quire Close, or the extent to which her career, her relationships, and even her marriage will be affected. (528 strán) 2,50 €

* BARBARA NADEL – ARABESK: When the wife of one of Istanbul's best known popular singers is found dead and his baby daughter missing, the newly promoted Inspector Suleyman, scion of one of Turkey's most aristocratic families, finds himself plunged into the magnificently vulgar, overblown world of Arabesk music, dominated by an ageing star, the monstrous chanteuse, Tansu. (480 strán) 2,50 €

* JEAN SAUNDERS - MOONLIGHT MIRAGE: Cosseted by a brooding aunt, impulsive young Marianne Ross determines to break the shackles of a genteel Victorian upbringing. Her fragile beauty belies a stubborn spirit which yearns to explore veiled secrets of life- and of love. When her father allows her to join his expedition in search of the lost village of El Badra, Marianne's once elusive dreams assume a delicious reality. (254 strán) 2 €

* JESSICA STIRLING - THE ASKING PRICE: Imprisoned in a false 'marriage' and trapped in Glasgow's mean streets, Kirsty Barnes and Craig Nicholson are drifting apart, held together only by their son, Bobby. Kirsty finds herself drawn more and more to David Lockhart, the young minister who cares for her deeply. But David is bound to return to China and only his love for Kirsty keeps him in Scotland.(279 strán) 2 €

* JOSEPH CONRAD - HEART OF DARKNESS AND OTHER TALES: 'Heart of Darkness' is set in an atmosphere of mystery and menace, and tells of Marlow's perilous journey up the Congo River to relieve his employer's agent, the renowned and formidable Mr Kurtz. What he sees on his journey, and his eventual encounter with Kurtz, horrify and perplex him, and call into question the very bases of civilization and human nature. The other three tales depict corruption and obsession, and question racial assumptions. Set in the exotic surroundings of Africa, Malaysia. and the east, they variously appraise the glamour, folly, and rapacity of imperial adventure. (225 strán) 2 €

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